Outdoorwerk stands for high-quality, sustainable and durable outdoor products - Swiss Made.
Over 90% of our products are manufactured within a radius of 10 kilometres.

Outdoor living is our passion. What we strive for: self-sufficiency. To be equipped with as little as possible for all possible situations is what we demand from ourselves. That’s why we build tools with which we can work efficiently and safe, tools that last, conserve energy, and are environmentally sustainable.

We have developed all of the Outdoorwerk products ourselves, some in collaboration with the Survival Outdoor School. What we are not able to produce ourselves by hand we outsource to regional businesses with which we have a personal relationship. That’s how we ensure the quality of our product. Our products and the materials used to make them are almost entirely made and manufactured in Switzerland. Over 90% of our products are produced within the range of 10 kilometers. Every piece is one of a kind and has its very own story.

We ourselves use Outdoorwerk products on our expanded survival tours. We personally test the products in nature und thereby we know how to modify and perfect the products and we will continue to do so until we believe that they are real tools of independence.


Robert Bless

Owner & CEO

Sara Wälty


"As a kid I created my first stone age tools. Since then, my attraction with hand craftsmanship and all that goes with it hasn’t let me go. I’ve completed several courses about the workmanship of wood, metal and leather. The physical basics interest me just as much as the practical use of the tool or item."

"Ever since I was young I was fascinated with being outside and a life close to nature. In following that fascination, I have traveled and toured throughout Europe as well as the jungles of Asia, the forests of Canada and far off parts of Africa. For several years I have been taking courses at the Survival Outdoor School ( I have become a nature suvival instructor. Spending time in nature gives me new philosophical views and new ideas for outdoor tools."

"Making tools that are close to life and nature, that are long lasting and serviceable, tools that make one independent and don’t leave a trace for the next outdoorsmen, that’s my goal."

She has an eye and hands for form, colour, mood, graphics and design. What passes Sara's critical judgement is something to be proud of. She also embellishes the knife cases, packs, stamps and is the force in the background - without whom it would not work.